Thursday, March 6, 2014

Goose Island on a lovely morning

                                                    Here is our home at Goose Island.
The sun is out and the temperature is in the 50's - a lovely morning for bird watching here at Goose Island State Park near Corpus Christi.
The Feeding Station on Warbler Way in Goose Island

Joe with the morning Bird Watching Group

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The day was cool and blustery so we decided to visit the USS Lexington Museum in the Corpus Christi harbor. Very interesting. In addition to touring the ship the museum offers a movie showing the rescue efforts in Haiti to demonstrate the peacetime activities of the Navy. Great movie, I wish our grandkids could see it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Goose Island and Port Aransas

We’ve been on the road now a couple of weeks. We’ve seen so many different birds – song birds and water birds. Texas and Louisiana are great states to visit in February for bird watching. Many birds stay here year around and the spring migrations is getting going. It’s fun to see a bird you know will be up in the northwoods in a month or so starting a family.
We’re camping at Goose Island State Park. We’ll be here another week or so while we wait for a new axle for our A-liner Camper to be repaired.

 These are two pictures taken at Leonabella Turnbull Preserve on Mustang Island not far from Port Aransas. In the top picture you can see a big group of black-necked Stilts, they looked all dress up in tuxedos. I like the second picture, lots and lots of bird watchers...